Why Are Slot Machines so Loud?

When entering a casino, one of the first senses that will spark is your sense of hearing. Chances are very good that the first sounds that you will hear are the sounds of the slot machines. As a regular writer of gambling articles, I am sometimes asked, "Why are slot machines so loud?"

The goal of the casino is to make sure that you are constantly bombarded by the temptation to gamble. One of the best ways to do this is to tempt your senses with the sounds of the slot machines. Remember, the slot machines are one of the biggest money-makers for casinos. By drawing as much of your attention to the slots as possible, the casinos know that there will be a lot of fish that will take the bait. This is perhaps the main reason why slot machines are so loud.

Another reason why slot machines are so loud becomes apparent when you get up to your room, into your car, or anywhere else where you are removed from the casino and in a quiet environment. What do you hear going through your head? Chances are good that behind the dull buzzing, you still can hear the slot machines. By making the slot machines so loud, casinos have learned that you end up taking this temptation away with you.

Now, how can this benefit the casino if you are away from the casino? There are many people that stay in their room and think about the slot machines because of the sounds that are locked in their ears. In my early days of being a regular traveler to Las Vegas, I found that I would hang out in my room for about a half an hour, and then head back to the casino. If found that I was drawn back to those darned slot machines. The temptation had broken me.

If you find that you are still hearing the slot machines in your ears, there are very simple ways to counteract this. First, if you head outside, your ears will become relaxed by the reduction of sound. While you might still have the ringing slightly, it will last less than if you went into dead silence.

Another thing that you could do is to expose your ears to another series of loud sounds. I know a lot of people that travel to Las Vegas that will play their MP3 player loud in their ears to get rid of the sound of the slot machines. I do not suggest this as you are still exposing your ears to loud sounds, and could damage your eardrums.

The next time that you are in a casino, pay attention to how loud the slot machines actually are. Granted, the noise might still follow you back to your room, or outside, but at least you know how to deal with it, and why you have to deal with it.