Tips on Handling Your Casino Money

Each casino possesses one cage, which has rows like those found in the banks, where the casino cashier is located. It is at the casino cage where you can set up a credit line if required.

On the same note, there are numerous changing booths located strategically across the casino if you need to change and are not anywhere near the cage. The booths do not handle chips and generally they would be found in the areas with machines. You can also ask the ever ready attendants found in the casino floor to assist you with change. You would always see a change casino attendant pushing a cart roaming across the floor.

If you wish to play, you will find slot attendants in the centre of a carousel of machines and always ask for their assistance such as which machine you can use to play. Since they are ever present in the casino, they will advice you accordingly on which machines are best since they know the loose ones. The slot attendants are always spotted holding the buckets that hold up all your coins.

You ought to know of the color coding schemes of the casino's chips. For instance, $5 chips is red in color, $25 chips feature color green, $100 chips feature the black color, $500 chips feature the color purple and $1000 chips feature color yellow. However, there is no definite color for the $1 chips as they vary. The important thing to know is that almost all casinos follow the same color scheme, but they never accept or exchange chips from each other.

Of equal importance to know is that slot machines, together with the Nickel and quarter machines do take the US denominations of bills and coins respectively while playing. The only place you can get change is either at the cages or on the change booths as the attendants will never accept to give you change.

A lot of people don't know but it is possible to play cash on the table if it is for a single quick bet or two. For instance, you can place two dollars on the table of a $2 Blackjack table for the minimum bet on either hand. However, you cannot do it for a long time, but you are expected to be able to play two or three hands. Therefore, there is a high chance of you making a last minute bet, even if you are on your way out the door.