Slots are the workhorse of the average casino, the place where the real action takes place, and the real money is made. Though slots offer great returns to players–sometimes as high as 98-99% on high limit machines–their sheer numbers and volume of play ensure that even a 1% edge for the house translates into big money. The flashier table games in casinos are a nod to consumer demand, but every casino still lives and dies by it’s slot business.

Online slots are a natural progression, as individual interaction with a machine forms the core slot experience both on and offline. Most Las Vegas slots no longer even dispense coins, but simply keep track of the credits you have earned and print out a slip to take to the cashier. In this respect, the line between reel slots and virtual ones is even more blurred.

The One-Click Bandit

No matter how sure a player is that a slot machine “wants” to hit the jackpot, the reality is that every new spin of the reels triggers a random sequence to come up on the payline. Each machine is programmed to average a certain return over a long period of time, so even a 98% return dollar machine may run cold for days. Online slots work in a similar way, making them one of the most authentic translations of an actual casino game available.

Playing slots online means not having to journey great distances to sit in front of a screen and watch the symbols spin past. You are able to get the same experience from the comfort of your home, without the expense and hassle of travel. Online slots are a great introduction to the world of online casino gambling.