How to Play the Slot Machines For Fun

The slot machine has the worst odds of any of the games, except maybe the big wheel, but many players just enjoy the excitement of the slots. Due to more states legalizing gambling, the popularity of casinos has spread across the country. The “leisure” gamblers are spending a few days a year giving the modern day one-armed bandits a spin. These are the everyday people that never traveled to Vegas and just take an occasional Saturday night out at the casino for a good steak and a little fun at the slot machines or tables. They are not in it for the big win.

Learn About the Slot Machine

Many of these “gamblers” do not take the time to study the machine and on more than one occasion, I have witnessed someone walking away leaving credits (money) in the machine. There is a way to prevent this mistake, take the time to get to know the machine.

Betting On a Slot Machine Can Be Tricky

What is a slot machine? Basically, it is a computer chip, a chip that is known as a random number generator. Millions of combinations are constantly running through the machine and when the money is in and the spin button is pushed, whatever combination is running through at the time is what you get. It does not matter how long the reels or the symbols spin, that is just for show, the place they land and the amount you have won or lost was determined at the exact micro second that you hit the button.

How much you are betting? Do not just sit down and start hitting buttons. Players that do so wonder how the $20 disappeared so quickly. They are probably hitting the MAX button. Betting the most credits possible. On a penny machine that could be $3 a spin or even more.

Don’t be fooled about the penny machines. Betting pennies does not necessarily mean that the betting is less than a nickel or quarter machine, the ante might be more. That is why casinos are filling up with the penny machines, visitors are having more fun playing them and the casino is making more money. Bet what is in the comfort zone of your budget.

Always be aware of how much is being bet, look before you push. Some machines are called multi-denominational, meaning that a person can choose whether to play pennies, nickels or quarters. Read the denomination before pushing the spin button. Not all machines have this option.

How Much Should I Bet?

Read the machine. Most machines are video screens and usually in the bottom left hand corner is the word “pays” or “help”. The instructions for the machine and the payouts are for the different combinations that are there. On the machine there will be many lighted, numbered buttons and it and can be confusing. Now what do you do? If possible it is best to play all the lines even if it is just one credit per line. This way all possible winning combinations are covered. Keep in mind the payout may not be as high for a winning spin but it did not cost as much either. Facing the machine the top row of buttons is usually the number of lines for possible play. It can be 1, 5, 9. 15, and so on. For example, if the highest number is 15, push 15. The bottom row of numbers is usually the amount of coins or credits to play per line. Example: 15 lines with two credits per line would be 30 cents each time the spin button is pushed. With 15 lines times three credits, it is 45 cents each spin, etc. Same goes for any machine such as nickels, 15 lines times one credit is 75 cents each spin and so on.

What Slot Machine is Best to Play?

Most of us are recreational gamblers. Playing the slots today is like playing monopoly or any other board game, it is fun. The modern day version of the one-armed bandit offers many bonus games which take the player to different screens that allow them to play other games. Some machines have four or five different bonus opportunities.

Winning is not luck, it is timing. One player could play a machine and lose $20 and the next player could win $100. It is all in the timing of when the button is pushed and does not mean that had the previous player stayed on the machine they would have won. The winning spin comes from the exact micro second the button was pushed and that combination stops out of endless possibilities. It does not pay off in a certain number of spins. Change the pace if it is not doing well, sometimes it makes a difference. Experiment with timing. It depends on when the spin button is pressed and nothing else, machines are not due to payoff.

The important thing is understanding the machine and the budget for entertainment. It is entertainment and not likely a get rich quick thing. Take the time to read the machine, have fun and keep enough money for that steak dinner.