Harrah's Poker Room – Atlantic City

If you're looking for scantily clad female servers, gaudy artwork or anything "over the top," Harrah's poker room is not the place for you.

If you want reasonably quick food/drink service, friendly dealers and a warm atmosphere to play poker in, I highly recommend that you stop in. Though not the best poker room in Atlantic City, Harrah's is perfect for players with a low budget as they offer some of the cheapest tournament buy-ins around.

Their Sunday tournament has a modest buy-in of $50.00 ($40.00+$10.00 registration fee) and you can sit at the $1-$2 cash tables for $60.00. Players on a limited budget can play for quite a while without having to risk too much money, and I have gone home a winner more times than I have lost. It may be the caliber of players that go there regularly or it may be sheer luck. Either way, I love it!

Also, the dealers are very good about keeping rowdy players in line. I like a more relaxed atmosphere and can't stand the wannabe professionals that attempt to insult my poker ability. If a player gets out of line, the dealers reel them in right away. Harrah's management runs the room exceptionally well and cater to the players that are there to have fun and be social.

What to expect at the table: Tight play is rewarded here in my experience and there are plenty of bad players to go around. Don't be crazy with your betting unless you have a great hand. There is a lot of action at almost every table, so the patient players get rewarded handsomely.

Pros: As I mentioned, the friendly, professional staff and buy-in minimums are great.

Cons: The dealers are slow to ask for extra chips when they need them. Every time I have played in a cash game for more than two hours, there are extreme delays in the game when new $1 chips are needed. This problem doesn't occur as much at other poker rooms I frequent. This negative alone however, isn't enough to keep me away from Harrah's. I'm confident you'll enjoy yourself if you decide to go. I'll be the guy with shamrock hat who is taking your money.
Just joking. Maybe not.