Even though work travel is hard and exhausting we do get time for some fun. The boyfriend surprised me by coming down late Wednesday night. With all the travel I am doing this fall I really miss him so it was extra nice to have the company at the end of the week when the show was wrapping up.

We bought some discount Disney tickets and spent Thursday evening at Magic Kingdom. Surprisingly I had a lot of fun! I had only been once and that was 6 years ago and this time it was all about walking around and just having a good time. We laughed, we were tourists and we went on rides.

My favorite ride? The tea cups But I do love spinning rides and we had that tea cup going as fast as it would go.

We stayed until almost closing time so we were able to see the castle all illuminated. So pretty! We had a good time but I don’t think a Disney trip is on the agenda every year.