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Casino Gaming and the Native American

The final book of the semester was one that helped tie in all the aspects of native life that I have learned about so far. Mrs. Darian Smith does a nice job of tying together the past with the laws and developments of Native Americans today. The book consists of six sections, plus an introduction and an appendix. We progress though a history of racism and look at all aspects of the white culture and its view on the "native problem". I felt that this book was an important ethnographic look at a people who have been suppressed throughout the history of the continent, and even at the role that their own views affect their lifestyles. The author helps the reader along with quotations and excerpts from other books, as well as an appendix that looks at questions that might arise about casino gaming. How does this fit into the class? I feel that through this book discussion, I will bring forth the points in each section that are the most prominent, and then tie them together in the conclusion. Smith does a great job of displaying this for us, and I feel that she should be commended for her insightful research.

Native Americans have faced adversity at every turn throughout the last 400 years of their history. Ever since Columbus landed here in 1492, there have been problems stemming from the white confrontations with the Natives. Part of this adversity is faced even today with the enduring racism that exists in a lot of contexts. These myths about natives are prevalent and should be looked at, as they lead directly to the majority of anti-casino ideals. The myth that the Indian is a dying race of a primitive, warlike people is exemplified by early 20th century films in Hollywood. Towards the end of the century, however, the films turned the tables, depicting the natives as a helpless people who are inevitably destined to become "extinct". This, on some levels, is a truth. When the early settlers came over from Europe, they brought with them a string of diseases that ravaged the native population. The population dropped dramatically, thus leaving the Europeans with a somewhat racist view of the "Indian problem". Some people, however, had a positive outlook on the noble Indian. In 1511, Las Casas, noted that he felt that the Indian was an actual human being, not an animal to be caged and treated badly. These views were quelled by the onslaught of colonization to follow. The United States was a new country in the early 1800's and began to spread its wings westward. With this spread across the nation came the newest problem for the Indian: reservations. The colonial power of the U.S soon began to round up the Indian and put them in groups, thus educating and civilizing them. The idea that by placing Indian children in boarding schools was meant to civilize, but in actuality it just de-cultured them. Social Darwinism was a huge topic of the day, leading many to feel that Indians were meant to become extinct, and that they were the "white mans burden". These ideals led on to the traveling Wild West shows, where Indians such as Black Elk traveled across the world being Indian. This just led to the subjection of the Native Americans to more and more racism. These were the days that led up to the casino gaming and its problems in today's world.

The problem with the Native American and the law is a complicated one, as it incorporates many different aspects of the government. Law is fundamentally of the majority, not of the minority, which leaves the Indian off with little help. In countries such as Australia, the idea that the Aborigine is non human, helped fight the cause for the colonization of the continent by the British in the last few centuries. This is horribly biased and made the law allow the social inequity to be based on racial and ethnic discrimination. The problems that arose with the casino gaming was based mostly on the question, " Whose interests are at stake in legal reform and legislative change surrounding Indian gaming, and what are the specific interests involved?". The first step for the Indians came when the lands owned by the Indians were allowed to be held in a sovereign fashion. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 helped to place these groups in reservation type lands. The next act to follow was the big step for the suppression of the Indian. The General Allotment Act of 1887, which separated reservations for the Indian, was one of the final steps that the government took to solve the "problem".

Commonly known as the Dawes Act, the cultural community values of the Indian were being broken up. Although they got shoddy land, they at least had some vestige of respect and belonging. The Indian Reorganization act of 1936 was known as the New Deal for Indians and helped to reverse some of the problems caused by the Dawes Act. It helped create a tribal government on the reservations that helped to alleviate some of the strife. This is where the casino gaming problem comes into play. If the government gave the Indians land for their own governing, why can't they do what they want on it? This was no more evident than in the state of California, where rancherias were set up in order to break up the governments of the reservations. Indians were again seen as savages who could not keep themselves in line, or keep their own land. Samuel Morton came out with a study that claimed Native Americans had smaller brains; therefore they were inferior to the white race. This helped nobody but the whites who wanted the Indian land. The only shred of help came when the American Indian Movement formed in the 1960's and 70's. AIM members helped to unite the Indian population of America for one cause, thus making some headway in the long fight for freedom. Although the history is sometimes complicated, it is necessary to look at the problems that arise with the gaming industry for the Indian reservations.

Politicians and some members of the public feel that it an Indian reservation gains the ability to have gaming, then there will be unlimited range of lawlessness involved. There is no way this is true, as there is no tangible connection between both sides. In fact, it may help to alleviate these crime problems, as it would bring money to the reservation legal system. Because North Americans spend nearly 70 billion dollars on gaming every year compared to the 22 million in other entertainment, there is a huge market for casino gaming to tap into. The largest number of casinos have stayed in the deserts of Nevada for the pat 30 years, but are beginning to spread elsewhere. Indian gaming only currently makes up seventeen percent of the gaming industry, and cannot by any margin be considered the majority of gaming. Because of the fact that Americans no longer see gambling as a negative moral splurge, more and more Americans spend their money each year at the gaming tables. In the 1800's, however, the missionaries of the churches of the U.S. spread the idea that gambling was a heathen activity amongst the Indian people, who actively gambled. As this reversed, the Indian bingo hall opened up and became big on the reservation. These establishments were commonly skuzzy and not very reputable, and this is what is changing today. This is when the IGRA, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was formed to regulate the gaming halls of many reservations. Although this helped, it also conceded some of the sovereignty to the government.

The next big step in Native American gaming came with the passing of preposition 1A in California. The proposition advocated the use of Las Vegas style gambling on reservation land. Although those who had stake in the industry put up a huge advertising blitz, the pro 1A side won out by a 63 percent margin. This was a huge win for the cause, as it allowed the reservations to have casinos. Unfortunatly this was a double sided dagger, as it also caused a lot of bitterness between reservations with and those without casino operations. It also caused an increase in tribal roster, as people came out of the woodwork to get a piece of the action. Nevertheless, the industry provided a huge economic relief for the impoverished Indian, who up till the time, were the poorest minority in America. It allowed for the money to flow into reservation projects such as museums and school. It let artifacts be bought back that were once a huge part of the history of their people. It also allowed reservations to pool some money for those who had no casino on their land, in what is known as the Reservation Trust Fund. The casino was now known as the "New Buffalo", referring to the staple of life for the Plains Indian. Many people believe that the New Buffalo is the single hope for a better life for the Native Americans. This has led to some angry people on the other side of the fence, who feel that the government should not be giving the Native Americans special treatment unlike the other minorities. How can they be considered minorities if they were here first?

The example for the hardships faced by casino Indians takes place on the Chumash reservation in Santa Barbara California. The area that is affected by the casino project is a upper class, white community who are into wine and nice cars compared to the more middle class casino gaming. When the Chumash were fighting for their gaming rights the most damage came from inside their own reservation. Those who lost tribal recognition from the government felt cheated and betrayed and took it out on those who had been granted federal recognition. This did not help however, as the casino plans were laid, and the wheels were put in motion. There were big plans for a hotel, parking garage and various restaurants. This was what caused the most strife from the community, as many local businessmen felt threatened by the future of the casino. The Not in My Back Yard feeling spread through the community, and many people outwardly were against the Indian casino. There were some people who felt positive towards the reservation, like those who believed it was actually helping to provide money for the poorer Indians. Some however were the exact opposite, feeling that the reservation was losing its Indian-ness, and its affinity for the land. The old racial views came out again, calling the natives too stupid to run a casino, and too ignorant to see what problems it was causing. The truth of the matter is that the people who hold these beliefs are the ignorant ones. They don't understand the problems that exist on the reservation and the fact that the casino is not a horrible thing.

The Native Americans are the most highly regulated people in the country, but for what reason? They were the sole possessors of the land before the Whiteman came, and now they are at the mercy of them. The fear that a power plant or a toxic waste dump could be placed on a reservation is outlandish, as the government would NEVER allow this to happen. And I feel that the tribal government would never want this to happen. A lot of the fears held by dissenters are on a truly ignorant level and totally unfounded. People feel that "rich Indians are not real Indians", but this is only a progression of the racist ideals promulgated in the first few centuries of the country's existence. With the rise of non stereotypical Indians, a lot of people feel that everything they felt about the Indian will change. This scares many people who may actually be less well off than the stereotypically poor Indian. The fact is that the wealthy casino owners do not hoard their money, but they spread it around the tribe and surrounding community. Many jobs arise from the creation of casinos, including those in the creation and up keep of the casino. The fact that non-Indian companies are involved with the creation of the casino does not take anything away from the reservation; it only adds more money into the economy. And by adding more money to the communities, it is adding a better living standard for their own tribe. This is a breath of fresh air for other indigenous groups around the world. With the steps taken by the Native Americans in the last few decades, who knows where other minority groups in their own countries, will go?

This book was a great look into the sometimes confusing history of Native Americans and the U.S. government. Although I feel that there could be an entire class taught on the intricacies of the first few chapters, it added a certain element to the book that set up the reader for what was to come. I enjoyed looking at a somewhat unbiased approach to the problem, although I feel that Mrs. Darian Smith was a little bit slanted at times. Her research was impeccable, and she quoted many other sources. The content is short and concise, and there is no extra garbage thrown in, like in so many other publications. The steps taken by the Native Americans towards gaining a more sovereign government system was laid out beautifully by the author, and I feel she should be commended for the ability to put it on the mainstream.

Reasons to Join a Casino's Email List

I recently got an email from a friend that read:

Since you go to Las Vegas all the time, and write so many articles about it, could you please write one about casino emailing lists? I am constantly getting requests when I go gambling to get put on the casino’s emailing list.

I have to say that there are many benefits in being placed on a casino’s emailing list. There is a reason why a person who travels to La Vegas on a regular basis, like myself, is on almost every Las Vegas casino emailing list possible.

First off, casinos will regularly send out special deals to those patrons that are on the casino’s emailing lists. I would go as far as to say that the email deals that I am offered from some of the Las Vegas casinos are better than any that I would find anywhere else. While this is not the norm, it is a regular occurrence.

Sometimes, those of us that are on casino emailing lists are privy to coupons that are not available anywhere else online yet. I would say that out of every three coupons I am emailed that are valid during the time that I am in Las Vegas are used on my trip.

Since I am on so many of the casino’s emailing lists, I am often emailed announcements about acts that are scheduled in the far future at different Las Vegas hotels. I have regularly found that these emails list acts weeks before they are listed on many of the major Las Vegas sites around the Internet. Knowing about such events as early as possible is a nice benefit of being on a casino’s emailing list.

There are some of the Las Vegas hotels that will offer you discounts on their amenities, or some of their services for free, if you are listed on the casino’s emailing list. I have a friend that received a free message in one of the Las Vegas spas simply for being on the casino’s emailing list. This is another point that is not the norm, but can happen.

If you have a chance of being placed on a casino’s emailing list, make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity. Being placed on the casino’s emailing list could end up saving you money and time in the future. Isn’t that all we ever hope for (outside of winning big)?

Make Money at Ho-Chunk Casino in Baraboo, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a state that is full of many exciting things to do and see. One of my favorite spots to go to in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Dells/Baraboo area. Here you will find endless fun for the whole family. Whenever we go to Baraboo, we stay at the Ho-Chunk Casino for some gambling excitement!

Ho chunk Casino is located at s3214 Highway 12 in Baraboo off of Interstate 94. Just look for exit 12 and it will take you directly there. It is a great spot to stay at because you are really close to all of the craziness of Wisconsin Dells.

Ho Chunk is a very large Casino that has a nice hotel attached to it. The hotel offers its guests 315 rooms. The rooms include a mini refrigerator, microwave, hair dryer, coffee maker, cable TV, and free wireless internet. All rooms also have their own private balcony where you can relax at and enjoy the beautiful scenery below. You can also upgrade yourself to a suite room if you want that offers a fireplace and a stocked wet bar.

As you walk into the Casino's entrance, there is a large fountain that is complete with animals like bear, eagles, and fish, all fake of course, a tall rock waterfall, trees, sounds of birds and other wild life and a beautiful light blue sky scene above with white fluffy clouds. It is very peaceful to look at and listen to.

There are escalators that take you up to the second floor that are located right in the middle of the amazing scene. This is where all of the hotel's great restaurants are located at.

We usually eat at the Copper Oak Steakhouse. It is a very elegant style restaurant that has no dress code. All of the meals are cooked over an open flamed grill. It makes the food taste so much better! That is why it is hard to pass on this place when we visit here.

In here, they serve everything from steaks to shrimp to Lobster to Salmon. The price range is anywhere from $10 and up. But I am telling you, it is well worth the price. Make sure to order a side of their whipped sweet potatoes. They are out of this world!

The Copper Oak restaurant also offers a wine list that has a variety of wines from all over the world. Their martini list is also amazing. You can sit back, relax and enjoy one of their great martinis as you listen to the sounds of the automatic piano playing classical music in the background.

If you would rather eat some place else that is a little more casual, you can go to the Sunrise Café. Here they serve great breakfasts and lunches. Or you can head over to the Wo-Zha-Wa Sports Bar. Their burgers here are simply mouthwatering. You can also order chicken wings, pizzas, great salads and much more in a fun filled sports themed restaurant. If buffets are more of your cup of tea you can head over to the Stand Rock Buffet for a variety of International and American food that will fill up your stomach!

At Ho-Chunk, your kids can have as much fun as you do. They have a supervised entertainment facility that offers hourly child care services. They take children any where from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

The rooms inside are all separated by the different age groups. They have a tiny tot room, a techno quest adventure and arcade, a karaoke star stage, an indoor playground, a Barbie doll community, and a quiet zone to relax at. So no matter what age your child is, they are sure to find something to entertain themselves with in here.

The hotel also has an amazing workout area that surrounds a huge indoor walking track. The Aquatic Center offers a 25 meter lap pool, a whirlpool, and a wading pool. You can feel safe hanging out in here with your kids because there is a lifeguard on duty at all times. It is a really cool area!

The casino has many different conference rooms and ballrooms for their guests to rent. Whether it is for business or pleasure, they will take good care of you. The rooms can fit anywhere from 50 people to 2000 people. What better place to have a wedding at or a business meeting! Your guests are sure to have a fun time!

Then when you are ready to have some real fun, adults 21 years and older can head over to the casino and try their luck. The casino is very large and offers different price ranges and games types for all gamblers. The casino has over 2,400 slot machines that start from a penny and go up. From Wheel of Fortune to Press Your Luck to Double Diamond, they offer it all. Many of their penny and nickel machines have fun bonus games that can keep you playing for a long time!

If slot machines aren't for you, you can play at one of their many blackjacks tables that start at $2 per bet and go up. They also have a smoke free poker room where you can join in a game of Texas Hold Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha Hi-lo. Or you can go over to the 600 player Bingo hall and try your luck there. The casino also offers video poker, craps, and off track betting.

So whether your trip is for business, pleasure or a little bit of both, Ho-Chunk Casino has it all for you! The 24 hour fun hot spot will be sure you have you coming back for more. So next time you are in the area of Baraboo, make sure you try your luck at Ho-Chunk Casino! Hopefully, you will walk out with more money than you walked in with.

Treehouse Arcade at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut

The Foxwoods Resort and Casino is a world class place featuring a huge bingo hall, multiple restaurants and the popular Fox Theatre featuring shows like Price is Right and Howie Mandel appear there. For the crowd that is under 21, Foxwoods offers a great arcade called the Treehouse.

The Treehouse is located right near the Fox Theatre is actually two stories filled with multiple arcades. As you enter, you will notice that the first floor is devoted to ticket games. There is ski-ball, light stopping, and a roulette style game that can become the closest thing to gambling for the younger crowd.

The concept of the game is simple. There is a spinning wheel with a ball that also goes around. There are various sized spaces with colors associated with the size of the space. Using one token as your bet, you choose the color that you think the ball will land, and the great the odds for each ball, the more tickets you will win. The game is constantly going so watch a couple of spins and see what the trends are before making your choice.

Another popular game on the first floor is their big screen trivia game. There are four seats with big button buzzers and you can play from one player to four players. There is a wide variety of categories, and if you have a lot of players this have a game show feel to it and be a lot of fun.

Upstairs are a lot of classic games and arcades that do not dispense tickets. One of the first ones that you can see upon walking up the stairs is the WWE Royal Rumble. This multiple screen supports up to four players and features WWE superstars like The Rock, Big Show, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is a fast paced and fun game that requires you to throw your opponent out of the ring, just like a WWE Royal Rumble. This is one of the best WWE arcade games and provides a lot of fun.

Next to the WWE Royal Rumble game are a lot of different fighting games like Tekkin, Mortal Kombat, and Ultimate Fighter. All of these are multiplayer too, but you can always challenge the computer to go through the whole game.

Up against the back wall are multiple pin ball machines. These machines range from newer things like The Simpsons to regular machines with no pop culture or entertainment themes to them.

Like most other arcades, there are many prizes you can redeem with your tickets. From candy to toys, and bigger things like DVDs and board games, the Treehouse Arcade offers a lot of fun for all ages.

Movie Review: "Casino" Starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci

Casino was released in 1995 and left it's viewers stunned. The movie is based upon money, power, greediness, lies, and murder all over a casino empire. These young men come up in the Vegas business and the lifestyle immediately takes over.

Some say that Casino is one of the most underrated films in criminal movie history. The entire script of this movie is great and the acting is better than great. Joe Pesci is the ruthless but nonetheless humorous "sidekick" of Robert DeNiro's, and I must say, these two have always made the dynamic duo. Their chemistry in the movie is absolutely superb.

Sharon Stone in this movie plays DeNiro's greedy girlfriend, who then becomes his wife. DeNiro must be able to trust this woman with his life, but unfortunately, they face many trials and tribulations throughout their marriage that turns into something more than what DeNiro would have liked it to have been.

The movie is narrated by Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci which definitely makes it much easier to follow. This movie is absolutely, positively well worth a watch. It's a mesmerizing movie.

However, on the other hand (and in someone else's opinion, not my own), some say that the movie ends up seeming like it's dragging on, becoming somewhat boring and predictable. They say that because it likes action in some scenes that this is what makes it one notch below the movie "Good Fellas".

I must disagree. I'd say that Casino is going to be a classic, despite what anyone else thinks.

Movie Review: Casino Jack ***

Kevin Spacey's one man show as lobbyist Jack Abramoff makes Casino Jack a vivid if depressing leap into pay-to-play politics and governance in the United States. Spacey earned a Golden Globe Best Actor nomination for the role.

Spacey's megalomaniac Abramoff is so larger than life that every character around him fades, save for Barry Pepper as his sidekick Michael Scanlon. Even their partners (Kelly Preston as Jack's conscience-ridden wife and Rachelle Lefevre as Scanlon's revenge-driven fiancee) seem little more than greedy hangers-on. Who could blame them?

The perks and woes of wealth are many for Abramoff and Scanlon. Jack buys a new school for his kids (he's dissatisfied with the quality of their private schools). He splurges on mansions, private jets, and a political junket to the Marianas even as his home mortgage payments go delinquent. To support their lifestyles, the pair begin to bend laws and ethical guidelines, charging exorbitant fees to their Indian casino clients.

The structure of the film reflects Abramoff's world view. He's the star, surrounded by a society of mediocre drones who work 40 hours a week and just scrape by. Not him. He's a smart visionary whose job is to influence politicians. "I will not allow my family to be slaves!" he shouts at the mirror during his daily pep talk.

Despite a plot that gets bogged down in complex dealings, Spacey soars as a superlobbyist who thinks he's a vital cog in Washington's machinery. Lobbyists research, inform and guide elected officials, he says. They make sure pols vote "correctly" (according to the wishes of mega-bucks corporations and conglomerates).

When Abramoff opens the only kosher restaurant in D.C., it seems more a ruse to hook new clients and get his picture on the front page of the business section rather than a reflection of goodwill. Jack does have a few redeeming virtues. He's a family man (for brief snatches of time) and an observant Jew. He loves movies. Spacey delivers dead-on impersonations of Ronald Reagan and Al Pacino.

Abramoff's grilling before John McCain's Indian Affairs Committee becomes a montage of factual retelling and the scene that could have been. Senators behind the microphones are cast as compromised buffoons who wheedle on the same level as the man they're scapegoating. Several members of the House (including Tom DeLay) were convicted in the wake of the investigations.

When Scanlon sells him out for a lighter sentence, Abramoff tells his partner in sleaze he'll miss him over a final game of racquet. It's predictable that prisoner Abramoff expounds on political affairs, typing frenzied letters to U.S. presidents. He lectures fellow inmates on the Torah as illustrated in movie themes.

Jon Lovitz delivers a comedic take on Abramoff's frontman Adam Kidan afloat on a rollicking casino ship. Graham Greene plays a determined Saginaw Chippewa tribal council leader.

Director George Hickenlooper died several months after Casino Jack's filming. Abramoff recently completed his four year sentence for fraud, corruption and conspiracy.

Casino Jack 2010 / R / 1 hour, 48 min

Cast Overview: Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, Jon Lovitz, Graham Greene, Rachelle Lefevre, Kelly Preston, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, John Robinson, Spencer Garrett, Jeffrey R. Smith, Christian Campbell

Director: George Hickenlooper

Genres: Biopic, Docudrama, Drama

DVD Movie Review of "Casino Jack"

Casino Jack is a tale of greed and hubris unsurpassed in the annals political debauchery, and if you are made nauseous by the crooks who roam Washington , you will be ready to throw up after watching this.

Kevin Spacey gives an outstanding performance depicting sleazy super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Spacey seems to thrive in the role of sleaze (i.e. American Beauty), and he pulls off the Abramoff personality to the tee. The moral fiber of Abramoff and his right hand man Mike Scanlon (Barry Pepper) could fit comfortably in a thimble. They are shown extorting money from a textile plant, which is a nice moniker for a sweat shop in the Marriana islands, in order to put a stop on minimum wage; bilking an American Indian tribe out of twenty million dollars under the pretense of putting the competition out of business; and criminal involvement in the taking over of cruise line that specializes in the casino business and desperately needs some help from Congress.

In order to pull off these acts of extortion, which Washington calls lobbying, Abramoff and his boys bring their favorite Congressmen on golfing trips to Scotland , take exotic vacations to the islands, and indulge in posh dining wherever they happen to be. These perks, along with envelopes full of money are passed to the likes of Tom Delay (Republican Majority Whip) and Bob Ley (Congressman from Ohio) in order to make sure favorable legislation is passed to their clients. (Both received jail time.)

Abramoff and Scanlon take their booty and buy mansions, cars, restaurants, and God knows what else. The greed turns into an insatiable animal that cannot be contained. And speaking of God, these hypocrites use religion to somehow justify their avarice. They seem to have forgotten what the Bible says about worshipping false idols (money).

This film is not exactly a ringing endorsement for the Republican Party, so if you are a die-hard party member, get ready to get spanked. This is sickening.

My rating: four out of five bribes.

How to Find the Best Online Casinos

The reputation earned by online casinos in recent days have raised much attention in gambling field by making the gambling easily accessible to experienced as well as newbie to earn a huge amount through a click only. For earning a good amount of buck players should go through best online casinos and check out the facilities they are providing, the funding strategies and options during the game which would be suitable according to the player’s necessity. In the swarm of thousands of sites that host online games, it’s really very difficult to choose a good and reliable one. Here are some easy ways to guide you for choosing the best online casinos available.
Step # 1: Getting the Complete Knowhow: Incomplete knowledge is always harmful. Know the game well before you want to put our hands in that. A sure way to know the mechanism behind the game and how to play it is to read the guiding manuals and how to guides provided is sites such as, etc.
Step # 2: The Rules: Check out whether the casino is providing all nitty gritty about the rules and regulation for each individual game. Be sure that you know all about the rules because sometimes it is the deciding factor whether you will or lose. Check for all the hidden clauses and the extra hidden terms and conditions for the game. You can also read reviews about the various online casino sites. Based on others experience of an online site you can prepare yourself for the same.
Step # 3: Authenticity Related Issues: Always check for the authenticity of the online casino service provider. This may be also helpful in understanding the game and forming a mind set before you play.
Step # 4: Practice More and More: It is a well-known fact that “practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore it may be advantageous for you if the casino is helping you by providing some practice sessions and demo on the game before you participate.
Step # 5: Boost your Calculative Speed: Enhance your calculative speed and gaming skills before entering into the battlefield. Developed skills will help you out to avoid miss calculations during the game.
Step # 6: Take Advantage of the Bonus: Some casinos also give bonus sign up which you can use as later during the game to keep yourself in. You can cleverly use that bonus amount in the game to avoid silly loss made due to the component of human error. This bonus can sometimes be a starting amount for you and you can make a fortune starting from nothing.
Step # 7: Enrich your Analytical Reasoning: Although there is great deal of luck involved, still there is always room for improvement by applying your analytical and mathematical skills. The perfect knowledge of permutation and combination and the probability theorems shall help you to deduce the most winning pairs.
So choose well, play wisely and have fun.

Maximize Your Slot Machine Odds at the Casino

Welcome to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or wherever. The gambling awaits!

You need to answer one question before you wager a single coin: Are you there for fun or to make a fortune? While we all want to leave with more than we came with, we all know the old saw that the gambling palaces were paid for by the losers.

Let's look at slot machines since most of you will play these easy to play games.

But first let's be realistic. All casinos are businesses. They are in it to make a profit. So, it is clear that slot machines pay less then they take in.

It is also clear that casinos have a somewhat fixed cost in providing the slot machines. Each machine takes up about the same floor space. It uses about the same amount of power to make those wheels spin. Maintenance and security would seem to be about the same for each machine. This is regardless of the value of the coin one feeds the one armed bandit.

I was amazed on my last Las Vegas visit to see so many 1 penny slot machines. At first, I wrote it off to the economy. Then I realized an economic truism.

The casino must make a certain amount per machine to cover all those expenses. So, if they need to make X dollars per machine…how can one compare a machine that requires a dollar per spin with one that requires merely a penny?

The answer is simple. They pay out less in winnings for the cheaper machine.

Forget all the bells and whistles. In the long term (and casinos are always dealing with long term math – we do not) the house always wins. With a cheaper machine, the house just needs to win faster since the amount bet is much lower. Hence, it is fair to say that the pay-out is smaller on a lower value machine than a high one.

Many feel that all slot machine are awful. However, they can be fun to play. So, if you decide to play the slots, you need to decide if you just want to have some fun or a somewhat better chance of going home with a few extra dollars. Of course, your budget will enter into this Big Time!

Whatever you decide, remember to have fun and know that the house always wins in the end.

4 Easy Ways to Save Money in Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is an amazing place to visit. It is often referred to as being an Adult Disneyland or sorts. There is plenty of gambling, alcohol, and other various forms of adult fun to indulge in. It can, however, be rather expensive especially when it comes to frolicking in the many casinos strewn about the city. Casinos generally have one thing in mind and that is getting their hands on as much of your money as possible. Anything from food, to gambling, to alcohol, to entertainment generally carries a price tag. As a Las Vegas and Travel entusiast myself, I have enocountered several ways to save money in Las Vegas Casinos. As the consumer and vacationer, there are many things that you can do to ensure that they don't get all of your hard earned money- at least not all right away!

Do not use casino ATM's. When it comes to taking out some much needed cash from an ATM in Las Vegas, you are much better off using your own bank's ATM or even an ATM located in a grocery store or liquor store. Depending on your particular bank and its fees, there is not normally a charge to use your own bank's ATMs. If there is, it is more than likely minimal. Even a grocery store or liquor store ATM charge is not usually as expensive as you'd find it to be in a Las Vegas casino. The fee at an ATM in a Las Vegas casino can be as much as $6 per transaction. On top of that, you may be subject to additional charges from your own bank for not having used their ATM machine.

Free alcohol is everywhere. In Las Vegas, there is a rule of thumb to follow- if you're playing the slots or tables; you're getting a free drink. You will see many cocktail waitresses strewn throughout any casino in Las Vegas. Any time you are gambling in the casino, these waitresses will approach you to ask if you'd like a complimentary drink. All you have to worry about is the tip for the waitress. You can just about drink yourself silly if you desire as long as you're gambling.

Ask and you may receive. Make sure that when you enter any casino, you ask the concierge if there are any free activities or any free entertainment in the casino. If you happen to be a guest in that particular casino, you may be entitled to even more comps and free things offered by the casino. A lot of times, even if you are not a guest in that particular casino, you may be able to find a bar or lounge that is offering some sort of free entertainment for the passersby.

Slots cost more than tables. As a general rule, it has been found to be more expensive to play slot machines than it is to play at the tables. The reason for this is simply that the odds are slightly better when playing the tables. Although the slot machines can seem very tempting when they allow you to win a few cents here and a few cents there, but on the whole, you are slightly better off playing the tables in a Las Vegas casino.