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Treehouse Arcade at the Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut

The Foxwoods Resort and Casino is a world class place featuring a huge bingo hall, multiple restaurants and the popular Fox Theatre featuring shows like Price is Right and Howie Mandel appear there. For the crowd that is under 21, Foxwoods offers a great arcade called the Treehouse.

The Treehouse is located right near the Fox Theatre is actually two stories filled with multiple arcades. As you enter, you will notice that the first floor is devoted to ticket games. There is ski-ball, light stopping, and a roulette style game that can become the closest thing to gambling for the younger crowd.

The concept of the game is simple. There is a spinning wheel with a ball that also goes around. There are various sized spaces with colors associated with the size of the space. Using one token as your bet, you choose the color that you think the ball will land, and the great the odds for each ball, the more tickets you will win. The game is constantly going so watch a couple of spins and see what the trends are before making your choice.

Another popular game on the first floor is their big screen trivia game. There are four seats with big button buzzers and you can play from one player to four players. There is a wide variety of categories, and if you have a lot of players this have a game show feel to it and be a lot of fun.

Upstairs are a lot of classic games and arcades that do not dispense tickets. One of the first ones that you can see upon walking up the stairs is the WWE Royal Rumble. This multiple screen supports up to four players and features WWE superstars like The Rock, Big Show, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is a fast paced and fun game that requires you to throw your opponent out of the ring, just like a WWE Royal Rumble. This is one of the best WWE arcade games and provides a lot of fun.

Next to the WWE Royal Rumble game are a lot of different fighting games like Tekkin, Mortal Kombat, and Ultimate Fighter. All of these are multiplayer too, but you can always challenge the computer to go through the whole game.

Up against the back wall are multiple pin ball machines. These machines range from newer things like The Simpsons to regular machines with no pop culture or entertainment themes to them.

Like most other arcades, there are many prizes you can redeem with your tickets. From candy to toys, and bigger things like DVDs and board games, the Treehouse Arcade offers a lot of fun for all ages.

Movie Review: "Casino" Starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci

Casino was released in 1995 and left it's viewers stunned. The movie is based upon money, power, greediness, lies, and murder all over a casino empire. These young men come up in the Vegas business and the lifestyle immediately takes over.

Some say that Casino is one of the most underrated films in criminal movie history. The entire script of this movie is great and the acting is better than great. Joe Pesci is the ruthless but nonetheless humorous "sidekick" of Robert DeNiro's, and I must say, these two have always made the dynamic duo. Their chemistry in the movie is absolutely superb.

Sharon Stone in this movie plays DeNiro's greedy girlfriend, who then becomes his wife. DeNiro must be able to trust this woman with his life, but unfortunately, they face many trials and tribulations throughout their marriage that turns into something more than what DeNiro would have liked it to have been.

The movie is narrated by Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci which definitely makes it much easier to follow. This movie is absolutely, positively well worth a watch. It's a mesmerizing movie.

However, on the other hand (and in someone else's opinion, not my own), some say that the movie ends up seeming like it's dragging on, becoming somewhat boring and predictable. They say that because it likes action in some scenes that this is what makes it one notch below the movie "Good Fellas".

I must disagree. I'd say that Casino is going to be a classic, despite what anyone else thinks.

Movie Review: Casino Jack ***

Kevin Spacey's one man show as lobbyist Jack Abramoff makes Casino Jack a vivid if depressing leap into pay-to-play politics and governance in the United States. Spacey earned a Golden Globe Best Actor nomination for the role.

Spacey's megalomaniac Abramoff is so larger than life that every character around him fades, save for Barry Pepper as his sidekick Michael Scanlon. Even their partners (Kelly Preston as Jack's conscience-ridden wife and Rachelle Lefevre as Scanlon's revenge-driven fiancee) seem little more than greedy hangers-on. Who could blame them?

The perks and woes of wealth are many for Abramoff and Scanlon. Jack buys a new school for his kids (he's dissatisfied with the quality of their private schools). He splurges on mansions, private jets, and a political junket to the Marianas even as his home mortgage payments go delinquent. To support their lifestyles, the pair begin to bend laws and ethical guidelines, charging exorbitant fees to their Indian casino clients.

The structure of the film reflects Abramoff's world view. He's the star, surrounded by a society of mediocre drones who work 40 hours a week and just scrape by. Not him. He's a smart visionary whose job is to influence politicians. "I will not allow my family to be slaves!" he shouts at the mirror during his daily pep talk.

Despite a plot that gets bogged down in complex dealings, Spacey soars as a superlobbyist who thinks he's a vital cog in Washington's machinery. Lobbyists research, inform and guide elected officials, he says. They make sure pols vote "correctly" (according to the wishes of mega-bucks corporations and conglomerates).

When Abramoff opens the only kosher restaurant in D.C., it seems more a ruse to hook new clients and get his picture on the front page of the business section rather than a reflection of goodwill. Jack does have a few redeeming virtues. He's a family man (for brief snatches of time) and an observant Jew. He loves movies. Spacey delivers dead-on impersonations of Ronald Reagan and Al Pacino.

Abramoff's grilling before John McCain's Indian Affairs Committee becomes a montage of factual retelling and the scene that could have been. Senators behind the microphones are cast as compromised buffoons who wheedle on the same level as the man they're scapegoating. Several members of the House (including Tom DeLay) were convicted in the wake of the investigations.

When Scanlon sells him out for a lighter sentence, Abramoff tells his partner in sleaze he'll miss him over a final game of racquet. It's predictable that prisoner Abramoff expounds on political affairs, typing frenzied letters to U.S. presidents. He lectures fellow inmates on the Torah as illustrated in movie themes.

Jon Lovitz delivers a comedic take on Abramoff's frontman Adam Kidan afloat on a rollicking casino ship. Graham Greene plays a determined Saginaw Chippewa tribal council leader.

Director George Hickenlooper died several months after Casino Jack's filming. Abramoff recently completed his four year sentence for fraud, corruption and conspiracy.

Casino Jack 2010 / R / 1 hour, 48 min

Cast Overview: Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, Jon Lovitz, Graham Greene, Rachelle Lefevre, Kelly Preston, Hannah Endicott-Douglas, John Robinson, Spencer Garrett, Jeffrey R. Smith, Christian Campbell

Director: George Hickenlooper

Genres: Biopic, Docudrama, Drama

DVD Movie Review of "Casino Jack"

Casino Jack is a tale of greed and hubris unsurpassed in the annals political debauchery, and if you are made nauseous by the crooks who roam Washington , you will be ready to throw up after watching this.

Kevin Spacey gives an outstanding performance depicting sleazy super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Spacey seems to thrive in the role of sleaze (i.e. American Beauty), and he pulls off the Abramoff personality to the tee. The moral fiber of Abramoff and his right hand man Mike Scanlon (Barry Pepper) could fit comfortably in a thimble. They are shown extorting money from a textile plant, which is a nice moniker for a sweat shop in the Marriana islands, in order to put a stop on minimum wage; bilking an American Indian tribe out of twenty million dollars under the pretense of putting the competition out of business; and criminal involvement in the taking over of cruise line that specializes in the casino business and desperately needs some help from Congress.

In order to pull off these acts of extortion, which Washington calls lobbying, Abramoff and his boys bring their favorite Congressmen on golfing trips to Scotland , take exotic vacations to the islands, and indulge in posh dining wherever they happen to be. These perks, along with envelopes full of money are passed to the likes of Tom Delay (Republican Majority Whip) and Bob Ley (Congressman from Ohio) in order to make sure favorable legislation is passed to their clients. (Both received jail time.)

Abramoff and Scanlon take their booty and buy mansions, cars, restaurants, and God knows what else. The greed turns into an insatiable animal that cannot be contained. And speaking of God, these hypocrites use religion to somehow justify their avarice. They seem to have forgotten what the Bible says about worshipping false idols (money).

This film is not exactly a ringing endorsement for the Republican Party, so if you are a die-hard party member, get ready to get spanked. This is sickening.

My rating: four out of five bribes.

How to Find the Best Online Casinos

The reputation earned by online casinos in recent days have raised much attention in gambling field by making the gambling easily accessible to experienced as well as newbie to earn a huge amount through a click only. For earning a good amount of buck players should go through best online casinos and check out the facilities they are providing, the funding strategies and options during the game which would be suitable according to the player’s necessity. In the swarm of thousands of sites that host online games, it’s really very difficult to choose a good and reliable one. Here are some easy ways to guide you for choosing the best online casinos available.
Step # 1: Getting the Complete Knowhow: Incomplete knowledge is always harmful. Know the game well before you want to put our hands in that. A sure way to know the mechanism behind the game and how to play it is to read the guiding manuals and how to guides provided is sites such as, etc.
Step # 2: The Rules: Check out whether the casino is providing all nitty gritty about the rules and regulation for each individual game. Be sure that you know all about the rules because sometimes it is the deciding factor whether you will or lose. Check for all the hidden clauses and the extra hidden terms and conditions for the game. You can also read reviews about the various online casino sites. Based on others experience of an online site you can prepare yourself for the same.
Step # 3: Authenticity Related Issues: Always check for the authenticity of the online casino service provider. This may be also helpful in understanding the game and forming a mind set before you play.
Step # 4: Practice More and More: It is a well-known fact that “practice makes a man perfect”. Therefore it may be advantageous for you if the casino is helping you by providing some practice sessions and demo on the game before you participate.
Step # 5: Boost your Calculative Speed: Enhance your calculative speed and gaming skills before entering into the battlefield. Developed skills will help you out to avoid miss calculations during the game.
Step # 6: Take Advantage of the Bonus: Some casinos also give bonus sign up which you can use as later during the game to keep yourself in. You can cleverly use that bonus amount in the game to avoid silly loss made due to the component of human error. This bonus can sometimes be a starting amount for you and you can make a fortune starting from nothing.
Step # 7: Enrich your Analytical Reasoning: Although there is great deal of luck involved, still there is always room for improvement by applying your analytical and mathematical skills. The perfect knowledge of permutation and combination and the probability theorems shall help you to deduce the most winning pairs.
So choose well, play wisely and have fun.

Maximize Your Slot Machine Odds at the Casino

Welcome to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or wherever. The gambling awaits!

You need to answer one question before you wager a single coin: Are you there for fun or to make a fortune? While we all want to leave with more than we came with, we all know the old saw that the gambling palaces were paid for by the losers.

Let's look at slot machines since most of you will play these easy to play games.

But first let's be realistic. All casinos are businesses. They are in it to make a profit. So, it is clear that slot machines pay less then they take in.

It is also clear that casinos have a somewhat fixed cost in providing the slot machines. Each machine takes up about the same floor space. It uses about the same amount of power to make those wheels spin. Maintenance and security would seem to be about the same for each machine. This is regardless of the value of the coin one feeds the one armed bandit.

I was amazed on my last Las Vegas visit to see so many 1 penny slot machines. At first, I wrote it off to the economy. Then I realized an economic truism.

The casino must make a certain amount per machine to cover all those expenses. So, if they need to make X dollars per machine…how can one compare a machine that requires a dollar per spin with one that requires merely a penny?

The answer is simple. They pay out less in winnings for the cheaper machine.

Forget all the bells and whistles. In the long term (and casinos are always dealing with long term math – we do not) the house always wins. With a cheaper machine, the house just needs to win faster since the amount bet is much lower. Hence, it is fair to say that the pay-out is smaller on a lower value machine than a high one.

Many feel that all slot machine are awful. However, they can be fun to play. So, if you decide to play the slots, you need to decide if you just want to have some fun or a somewhat better chance of going home with a few extra dollars. Of course, your budget will enter into this Big Time!

Whatever you decide, remember to have fun and know that the house always wins in the end.

4 Easy Ways to Save Money in Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is an amazing place to visit. It is often referred to as being an Adult Disneyland or sorts. There is plenty of gambling, alcohol, and other various forms of adult fun to indulge in. It can, however, be rather expensive especially when it comes to frolicking in the many casinos strewn about the city. Casinos generally have one thing in mind and that is getting their hands on as much of your money as possible. Anything from food, to gambling, to alcohol, to entertainment generally carries a price tag. As a Las Vegas and Travel entusiast myself, I have enocountered several ways to save money in Las Vegas Casinos. As the consumer and vacationer, there are many things that you can do to ensure that they don't get all of your hard earned money- at least not all right away!

Do not use casino ATM's. When it comes to taking out some much needed cash from an ATM in Las Vegas, you are much better off using your own bank's ATM or even an ATM located in a grocery store or liquor store. Depending on your particular bank and its fees, there is not normally a charge to use your own bank's ATMs. If there is, it is more than likely minimal. Even a grocery store or liquor store ATM charge is not usually as expensive as you'd find it to be in a Las Vegas casino. The fee at an ATM in a Las Vegas casino can be as much as $6 per transaction. On top of that, you may be subject to additional charges from your own bank for not having used their ATM machine.

Free alcohol is everywhere. In Las Vegas, there is a rule of thumb to follow- if you're playing the slots or tables; you're getting a free drink. You will see many cocktail waitresses strewn throughout any casino in Las Vegas. Any time you are gambling in the casino, these waitresses will approach you to ask if you'd like a complimentary drink. All you have to worry about is the tip for the waitress. You can just about drink yourself silly if you desire as long as you're gambling.

Ask and you may receive. Make sure that when you enter any casino, you ask the concierge if there are any free activities or any free entertainment in the casino. If you happen to be a guest in that particular casino, you may be entitled to even more comps and free things offered by the casino. A lot of times, even if you are not a guest in that particular casino, you may be able to find a bar or lounge that is offering some sort of free entertainment for the passersby.

Slots cost more than tables. As a general rule, it has been found to be more expensive to play slot machines than it is to play at the tables. The reason for this is simply that the odds are slightly better when playing the tables. Although the slot machines can seem very tempting when they allow you to win a few cents here and a few cents there, but on the whole, you are slightly better off playing the tables in a Las Vegas casino.

Tips on Handling Your Casino Money

Each casino possesses one cage, which has rows like those found in the banks, where the casino cashier is located. It is at the casino cage where you can set up a credit line if required.

On the same note, there are numerous changing booths located strategically across the casino if you need to change and are not anywhere near the cage. The booths do not handle chips and generally they would be found in the areas with machines. You can also ask the ever ready attendants found in the casino floor to assist you with change. You would always see a change casino attendant pushing a cart roaming across the floor.

If you wish to play, you will find slot attendants in the centre of a carousel of machines and always ask for their assistance such as which machine you can use to play. Since they are ever present in the casino, they will advice you accordingly on which machines are best since they know the loose ones. The slot attendants are always spotted holding the buckets that hold up all your coins.

You ought to know of the color coding schemes of the casino's chips. For instance, $5 chips is red in color, $25 chips feature color green, $100 chips feature the black color, $500 chips feature the color purple and $1000 chips feature color yellow. However, there is no definite color for the $1 chips as they vary. The important thing to know is that almost all casinos follow the same color scheme, but they never accept or exchange chips from each other.

Of equal importance to know is that slot machines, together with the Nickel and quarter machines do take the US denominations of bills and coins respectively while playing. The only place you can get change is either at the cages or on the change booths as the attendants will never accept to give you change.

A lot of people don't know but it is possible to play cash on the table if it is for a single quick bet or two. For instance, you can place two dollars on the table of a $2 Blackjack table for the minimum bet on either hand. However, you cannot do it for a long time, but you are expected to be able to play two or three hands. Therefore, there is a high chance of you making a last minute bet, even if you are on your way out the door.

Where Do Casinos Keep Their Money?

As a regular writer of articles that discuss casinos, I am sometimes asked, "Where do casinos keep their money?" While all casinos are different, they all go through the same steps to keep their money as secure as possible.


Never discuss this topic inside of a casino. If you start talking about the casino's vault, or procedures for securing money, you open yourself up for becoming a focus of security and could be called off the gaming floor for questioning.

All of the major casinos in the world use some kind of high-security vault in which to secure their money. In all cases, these vaults are well-protected areas that would put some high-security government complexes to shame.

Sometimes you will notice that all of the cashier cages in a casino are located in a circle in the middle of a casino. In some cases, the vault is either located in the middle of these cashier cages, or they are located underground directly under the cages.

There are many casinos that will place their vaults underground, just like in Ocean's 13. It has been proved that vaults are much easier to secure the further it is from the action going on around the gaming floor. Some casinos might have vaults that are multiple levels below the gaming floor.

There have been temporary cases in which casinos have taken the money out of the vaults to movie somewhere else. This information is usually kept only to a few individuals, and will take years to ever make way to the general public.

There have been a few instances in which the money from casino vaults have been moved to secured rooms inside of the hotel attached to the casino. This is usually done only for a night or two while updates are being made to the security system of the casino vault. Patrons in the hotel have no clue that there are million of dollars in the next room (along with a group of heavily-armed guards).

When Howard Hughes was in his isolation inside of his Las Vegas hotel, at least once, he had all of the money from the casino vault transferred to his room. He never gave the reason for this transfer, and according the accountants, all of the money was accounted for once it was sent back to the casino vault.

During high-profile professional poker tournaments, some of the money from the casino vault will make way up to the room where the tournament is held. It is tradition to have the winner's total take from the tournament represented in person by stacks and stacks of real money. Even though this money is out in the open, it is still well protected.

The casino vaults in the world are some of the most impervious locations to be found anywhere. The casinos were not built buy people that were not able to keep their money secure. The casinos were built by those that realize that their main asset is the money held in the casino vault.

How to Get Your Money Back from the Casino

It was supposed to be a fun and refreshing weekend get away in Reno, Atlantic City or Vegas. You liked the room rates, restaurants and great service in the hotel. You took $1,000 for the trip – just to blow it gambling – of course, cash, so you wouldn’t be charged by casino ATM fees. So how come now that you came back home on Monday you realized that you actually owe another $1,000 to the casino? You think, “Well, at least I have plenty of comps,” but when you call to see if you have enough for a free night at the hotel, they say you have enough comps, but maybe for a burger at the coffee shop. You throw the phone in the wall and think, “Where did I go wrong”?

The answer is really simple. You took cash, but you also took the whole wallet, including checkbook, credit and debit cards. Just your ID and a voided check is enough to open a credit line at the casino. Something a Casino Host always tries to convince you to do,as he often gets commission out of the credit line used to gamble. The first important message to you – if you don’t want to spend any extra money, the only things that you should bring to the casino are your ID and cash. Do not take any credit or debit cards, neither your checkbook. You can use a cash deposit for check in, instead of swiping the credit card.

If you play slots, tracking your card is pretty simple. Just stick it in the proper slot in the machine and you’re all set. If you’re playing more than one machine, make sure to put all your player cards in each of them. If you have only one with you at the moment, call a slot attendant.He’ll take your ID, and bring you two new ones, so you can be tracked properly.

When you play tables the case is more complicated. Once I had a guest, that was betting anything between 25 and 400 dollars within 4 hours of play. Depending on different casino systems for play on a Black Jack table he should get 50 to 100 dollars in comp money. He didn’t. What happened was, his little pit tracking card,where the pitboss enters time and betting was never entered into the system. My advice – if the casino is modern and either uses swiping system, when you swipe the player’s card as you sit down at the table or the money you play is being tracked by electronic chips you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise make sure every new pitboss sees your action, as they check on you approximately every 15 minutes. Then,afterwards, check your balance on the card, to see if play was registered. If the casino has the policy of hidden balance, and they can’t tell you exactly how many comps you have, they still are able to tell you, what play and on what game was registered.

Here comes last,but the most important tip. Always use your player’s card! Nobody will believe you that you spent 5,000 dollars, but just forgot to put your card in. It might be true, but what proof of that you have? You cannot demand any comp money, as it’s simply because of your laziness, that your money was lost, and it wasn’t registered by the casino player’s system. Of course there are exceptions to that. If you are under influence of alcohol, just make sure your casino host sees you, and sees how much and within what time you are gambling. Simply because of his testimony the casino might put some play on your card, even though you forgot to put it in. It doesn’t apply to everyone, as not every player has a casino host. Only a valuable for the casino gambler will have one. So if you lost $100 within 30 minutes, and you forgot to put the card in, just forget it. You probably wouldn’t get many comps anyway (maybe few dollars). Just remember to use it next time.

How to have good time in the casino? Here’s my advice for both – losers and winners:

1) Gamble wisely. Bring cash, only within the amount you can afford to lose

2) Do not expect winning. Those magnificent places were not built on winners

3) Do not overuse alcohol, as your common sense tends to disappear, and you can wake up with more trouble than just a hangover

4) Use your player’s card – only this way you can get back some of the money you lost by eating and staying at the hotel for free.

Remember to enjoy your visit at the casino, because that is exactly what gambling should be – just fun.